Hi, I'm Milan,

a Product Manager

and Data Scientist

Unlocking impact and driving growth through data-driven product management

About me

A McKinsey Engagement Manager with professional experience from multiple countries working in digital consulting, product engineering, data science and software development, focusing on innovation, solution design, agile transformations, process automation and financial positions.

Awarded public speaker with advanced proficiency in mathematics, programming, machine learning and quantitative finance with a history in the oil and energy, pharma, higher education, human resources, digital marketing and sales industries.


Model Prototyping

Efficiently bringing your product ideas to life through prototyping, quick model building and user testing, ensuring a seamless transition to development.


Building robust teams, capable of delivering scalable, and maintainable software solutions and data models that drive business growth.


Creating visually stunning and user-centric designs for digital products, elevating the user experience and enhancing engagement.

Selected Works